Friday, February 1, 2013

Siu Bo 'Sai Sai Lap': "I Want to Pursue Guys", Vows to Lose 80 Pounds

TVB series Inbound Troubles has been a huge hit recently with the ratings peaking at 37 points. Portraying Wong Cho Lam's good friend 'Sai Sai Lap' is Fei Mui Siu Bo (Real name: May Chan Ka Kai). She gained a lot of attention from this series and the 'HK Golden Forum' boys praised she'll be one hot and sexy girl if she losses the weight. As HK Golden's Goddess, the 27 year old actress is still single and a virgin. Recently, she's been actively trying to lose weight and vows to knock off 80 pounds of fat.

On Sunday (1/27th), [Sudden Weekly] spotted Siu Bo at the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade vigorously exercising for 3 hours. She later said out of breath, "My goal is to lose 80 pounds within 2 months. I want to turn into a hot and sexy girl. I want to 'kau jai'!" (TN: "kau jai" = pursue guys)

Jumping Jacks - FAIL
Dressed in white shorts, Siu Bo was jogging around the Waterfront for 3 hours and then tried jumping jacks, but she had no jumping power whatsoever. She could only barely lift up her heels, and couldn't get feet off the ground.

Hip Bending - PASS
After Siu Bo's jog, she did some hip bending stretches at the park. She even joked she probably won't be able to do it, but unexpectedly she was able to bend forward from her hips despite having a 50-inch waist. Amazing!

Pull Ups - FAIL
Hip bending was easy for Siu Bo, but having to lift her whole body up is definitely going to be a challenge for her. Indeed, due to her heavy body weight, Siu Bo was unable to lift her body up. With the encouragement from reporters, she tried 5 more times and barely got her feet off the ground.

Skipping - FAIL
Siu Bo frankly expressed she runs out of breath just by walking. That day, she went for another jog on the pedestrian bridge, but this time she had to skip her way through the job. Unfortunately after a few skips, she couldn't move anymore and had to sit down to catch her breath.

Sit Ups - FAIL
Don't think it was a success for Siu Bo on the sit ups. Initially she was suppose to lock her feet under the railing to do the sit ups, but her feet were too chubby, so her feet couldn't fit under. With the help from her assistant, she 'cheated' her way and completed the sit ups.

Rabbit Hop - FAIL
Children love to play rabbit hopping, but Siu Bo was big child, so of course she never tried rabbit hopping before. Just couching down is difficult enough for her. Her fatty legs getting in the way, made it difficult for her to do any jumping!

Siu Bo currently weighs 230 pounds, she's been called 'dinosaur' by the Post-90s guys (guys born after 1990), but she has never been aware that she needs to lose weight. Lately because of the series, the media has been doing a background check on her. [Sudden Weekly] actually spotted her consuming 8 dishes of meat. This is when she realized she wants to become a 'true hot girl'.

In fact, Siu Bo had already gotten the taste of being a 'hot girl' when she was 16. Back then, she only had fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner and successfully lost 40 pounds in 2 months. However, still no guys were interested in her, thus she decided to just set her weight loss plans aside and went back to being a 200 pound Fei Mui. Siu Bo felt guilty: "Thinking back, I really regret it. Why did I not keep up with the weight loss plan? If I was thinner, then I wouldn't be like this now, still no boyfriend."

Last year, Siu Bo's mother tried to set her up on a blind date and introduced guys to her. A close friend of Siu Bo reveals: "Auntie really wants grandchildren. She's always nagging Siu Bo, she's so fat, no man would want her. Her mother even made her lunch boxes, so she could eat healthier and lose weight. Auntie tried setting up blind dates for her, one time when the guy saw her, he didn't even stay for dinner and just left. Siu Bo was really unhappy then." After that experience, Siu Bo no longer had the courage to go on another date.

Regarding this, Siu Bo said embarrassingly: "I'm such a big girl and haven't dated before. I had crushes before, but I didn't dare to confess my feelings. I knew there would not be any good results, so what's the point of telling him? In the past, when I saw other couples on a date, I would really envy them, but a normal guy wouldn't want a fat girl like me as their girlfriend. My mom asked me too, she said I'm already at this weight level and still have no control on what I eat or plan to lose weight, do I want to be single for life? Do I really want to go on a diet? But when I see really good food, I forget everything. So, this time I told myself, I must bring my weight down to 150 pounds. I want to start dating. (Do you mind 'sister-brother' or 'cross-aged' relationships?) I don't mind the age gaps, the most important is for the guy to have a good heart." Siu Bo doesn't want to be a 'sing lui' (left behind woman), so she must have perseverance this time!


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