Monday, February 4, 2013

Charmaine Sheh Watched Bryant Mak Grow Up, Denies the 'Sister-Brother Love' Rumor

Charmaine Sheh's attended the press conference for her new Mainland drama Marry into the Purple in Beijing. Since Charmaine left TVB, it is clear the amount of series she's in has significantly declined. She said: "Actually many have approached me, but there are not many scripts in HK or Mainland that can touch me. The scripts with challenges are the ones that could touch me. I will only accept scripts that can make me cry."

Recently the single Charmaine has been rumored with former TVB actor Bryant Mak (played Kate Tsui's younger brother in Highs and Lows). she clarified: "Bryant and I have the same god-mother. He's like my little brother, I watched him grow up. Our families have a very good relationship. So, everyone don't play a joke, he's like family. We won't drift apart because of this rumor."

Charmaine expressed when choosing a boyfriend, she does not look at his wealth: "It is not important whether men have money or not, the most important is to have the desire to improve and a loving heart. Treating me well is enough, love is a type of feeling, just as long as I feel happy when I see him, then that's enough." Charmaine said she doesn't have any special criteria on her future boyfriend's profession, but she won't like men who are younger than her, nor will she take initiative and pursue guys. She already has several friends who are married and have children, she disclosed her desire for marriage as well: "Sometimes I do think about if my own baby would be just as cute as their babies."


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