Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kate Tsui Takes the Baton in April, Pairs with Dayo Wong in New TVB Series

It has been widely rumored Dayo Wong will be back to shoot a TVB series this year, aside from the opportunity to work with his You're Hired! partner Charmaine Sheh again, producer Tsui Wing Hong also had intentions tho shoot a sequel to 2000's popular sitcom War of Genders with Dodo Cheng. However, it was understood Dayo is actually returning to TVB in April for producer Man Wai Hung's new modern comedy series. The female leads are Kate Tsui and Sharon Chan. Dayo will continue his light-hearted and humorous acting style in the new series. The other cast includes comedian Louis Yuen, Benz Hui, Jazz Lam, "Siu Bo" May Chan and Elena Kong.

Producer Man Wai Hung previously worked on You're Hired! with Dayo, yesterday he accepted a telephone interview and when asked if he has intentions to bring Dayo and Charmaine back to 'continue their fate'? Producer Man frankly expressed: "We really wanted to get Charmaine back, but she couldn't make it work on her schedule." As for Dayo making his comeback, does he have any special requests or opinions? He said: "He's very nice, we had pleasant discussions. Earlier Dayo was busy with his comedy show world tour, but now we are planning the concept, story and direction of the series together."

Kate Tsui, who is paired up with Dayo in the series, expressed she cannot describe how happy she is. She said: "I have many friends who are Dayo fans. I believe after the news comes out, my friends will be visiting us on the set all the time. However, I'm still listening to the story and haven't seen Dayo yet." Reporters teased she replaced Charmaine, she said: "Impossible, how am I qualified? But having this opportunity, I will definitely give it my greatest effort." Kate expressed she knows Dayo is a very serious artist and most of his series have been highly rated and well acclaimed, so she's feeling stressed and nervous.

The other female lead, Sharon Chan, frankly expressed she greatly admires Dayo's talent and really looks forward to work with him. In the series, Sharon plays Kate's good friend, but has a crush on Dayo. They'll end up in a complicated love triangle. She said: "I watch Dayo's stand-up comedy shows! (Do you have a romantic storyline with him?) My role has a small crush on him, it's the misunderstanding type.. He plays my boss and enthusiastically tries to change me, making me turn from someone lacking self-confidence to a successful person. So, I thought he liked me."


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