Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Inbound Troubles Announces a Sequel & Film Edition

TVB popular series Inbound Troubles has entered its final week and still going strong. Yesterday at the outdoor promotional event on the busy street of Tsim Sha Tsui, producer Wong Wai Sing announced they are preparing for a sequel and film edition. Cho Lam revealed there are already companies inviting "Oh Baby" out to perform, but because of the copyright issues, it is unknown whether they can actually launch their own album. The cast including Roger Kwok, Wong Cho Lam, Joey Meng, Ivana Wong, Louis Cheung, Siu Bo, Corinna Chamberlain and Wong Kong Leung took part in the promotion yesterday and created chaos on the street.

When the cast appeared, a young woman screamed hysterically and caught attention for a brief moment. Then the cast stood in a line, hand in hand, and bowed to the audience thanking them for their support. Later, they gave out New Year's tangerines and attracted more than a hundred people fighting to get the gift. At one point, someone in the crowd threw the tangerine back and unfortunately, Joey got the 'head prize' (direct hit) and eventually there was a huge chaos on the street.

The pitiful Joey expressed after getting hit on the head, "I was a little dizzy, it was a hard hit. His throw was so hard, even the juice came out. Luckily, I've learned Kung Fu before, so I'm fine. Just think of it as getting the top 'head' prize." She also pointed out that Louis Cheung, standing next to her, didn't have the strength to protect her: "He didn't have fast enough reaction to catch the tangerine. When we collaborate again in the sequel, I must torment him." Joey expressed if the TV rating reaches 40 points, Roger Kwok will give out red envelopes to the citizens; If it reaches 42 points, she will show off her 42-inch long legs to the citizens, but if its 43 points, Sharon Chan will need to lend a helping 'leg'.

After the cast walked around the street and had their meal at the restaurant, producer Wong Wai Sing suddenly got a phone call from a TVB executive and then immediately announced that has been confirmed, Inbound Troubles will be shooting both a sequel and a film edition of the series. It was a pleasant surprise for everyone and they were all very excited to shoot a sequel.

Wong Cho Lam expressed: "I'm happy because this proves TVB supports us, but then again I'm worried about having to come up with another 20 episode story. I'll have to talk to the scriptwriter. I don't feel as pressured for the film because it's only a few hours. (You're writing the script again, are you afraid the scriptwriter might get upset?) No, we had a pleasant collaboration."

When asked if TVB would limit him on incorporating HK-China contradicting issues into the sequel due to the large number of complaints? Cho Lam said: "TVB did make a suggestion, if the topic is too sensitive, don't do it. In addition, we already filtered once before and this time since it's approved, that means it can continue." Corinna Chamberlain gained recognition from this series and was very thankful of Wong Cho Lam. She said: "He didn't just cast me in the TV series, but also gave me a favorable role, so more people will know who I am." Because she likes singing, Cho Lam also wrote her a song, Dissimilar, which had just released and been quite a hit.

Ivana Wong said this series allows us to see a new light. She is very happy to hear that there will be a sequel and joked she wants a pay raise: "I didn't say I'm going to accept it. I have to take advantage of this opportunity and boost my pay, so I can have a prosperous and 'fat' year. (Will you be able to participate in the sequel and do music?) I hope I'll be able to accommodate them, after all I am just a singer."


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