Sunday, February 10, 2013

Raymond Lam Spotted going to Japan with Karena Ng for Valentine's Day

TVB Siu Sang Raymond Lam admitted to be dating 19 year old Karena Ng, newcomer in the movie industry, and its been a sign of relief for him. The couple take advantage of every minute, every second to go out on dates. Yesterday, a Netizen discovered the couple at Shanghai airport ready to depart to Japan, for a sweet Valentine's Day celebrate.

Earlier, Raymond met up with his good friends Kate Tsui, Mandy Wong and Rebecca Zhu for a new year's meal. TVB's 'Chok King' Raymond Lam won the 'Most Popular Male Singer' award late last year and before the Snake year began, he announced his girlfriend is 19 year old Karena, that's double happiness for him in both work and love! The relieved Raymond started relaxing, it was understood he took his girlfriend back to Xiamen to meet his parents on the 2nd day before Chinese New Year, but the couple only stayed for a night. Yesterday, they rushed to the airport to celebrate Valentine's Day in Japan, they can't lose a second of their time to be together!

There is even evidence, the 'Raymond-Karena' photo at the Shanghai airport was posted on Weibo. They were seen dressed in a couple's outfit, both with shades and a sweet smile. Even if someone secretly took a photo of them, they didn't know. Raymond's manager, expressed last night that he's on vacation now and she had heard about his vacation plans earlier, but she's not sure who he's going with. "Since someone took a picture, then I hope they'll have a good time." Karena's manager replied as well: "Karena is currently on vacation, it's her personal time, we will not get into her business."

Kate Tsui also had a prosperous year, earlier she had some time, so she grabbed Mandy, Rebecca and Raymond for dinner. The four of them had 'lifting up' dishes, the meaning is for them to have a 'Fung Shan' lift ( 風生水起 - 'raising of wealth') in the coming year.

Raymond frankly expressed he does not hope to have a high-profile relationship, no wonder he and Karena had to secretly go to Japan to celebrate their first Valentine's Day; Last year, Kate had both fame and profit, in the Snake year she hopes to further develop her career in the film and television scene and collaborate with more seniors; This year, Mandy hopes to create sparks with her new partners and bring a refreshing feeling to audience; Rebecca revealed she has already set up meetings for new year greetings with friends.


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