Saturday, February 2, 2013

TVXQ Releases MV for “In Our Time”

Popular K-Pop group Dong Bang Shin Ki released the short PV for their new Japanese song “In Our Time” through the Avex Network Youtube channel.

DBSK takes a step away from the upbeat electronic dance numbers they have been promoting recently with a softer song. “In Our Time” is a mid-tempo ballad that showcases Yunho and Changmin‘s complimenting voices. In the dream-like music video the two handsome singers look like princes in their all white outfits.

“In Our Time” is the February theme song for a Japanese program. The song is part of the upcoming sixth Japanese album, “Time.” The album will be released on March 6.

Currently Changmin is an MC for the variety program “Moonlight Prince” and Yunho is in the drama “Night King.”


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