Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bobby Au Yeung is Doing Better, Awakened, Still in the ICU

52 year old Bobby Au-Yeung met with his good friends Michael Tse, Michael Tao, Derek Kwok and Ron Ng on the second day of Chinese New Year. Bobby reportedly drank a lot that night and at 4am, his wife discovered he was unconscious. Bobby was rushed to the emergency room, and because he was in critical condition, he was sent to the ICU.

Yesterday afternoon, Bobby's manager and wife were at the hospital accompanying Bobby. The two were in the ICU for about 20 minutes, and when Bobby's wife came out of the room, she was clearly much more relieved compared to the other night. When asked of Bobby's current condition? She said: "He's awake and sober. He recognizes me and can speak too. He's a lot better now, but he still cannot eat anything. He's still has an IV on him. (Bobby knows you were really worried?) He knows and told me not to worry. (When can he switch back to the common ward?) Still have to discuss with the doctor, should be soon."

Bobby's manager, Lydia, was asked if Bobby had anything to say? She said: "He's doing a lot better, he had some medications and is really tired. (Will he be going to another hospital?) Not sure. (When will he switch back to the common ward?) The doctor said he'll have to observe him for a few more days." Bobby's wife added: "The doctor said to wait it out for another night." Lydia said Bobby's condition had nothing to do with alcohol, it was just because he choked on his food and some bacteria went into his lungs, which led to acute pneumonia.

Michael Tse was very relieved when he heard Bobby was doing better, he said: "Although he didn't drink that much, next time we have dinner, I definitely won't let him drink at all." Many other good friends on Weibo left messages hoping Bobby gets well soon, including Charmaine Sheh, Annie Man, Chin Ka Lok, Grace Wong and Rebecca Zhu.


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