Friday, February 1, 2013

Him Law Grabs Eliza Sam's 'Heung' Hand, Everyone Around Jealous

Yesterday Eliza Sam (Heung Heung) and Him Law were invited to attend cosmetic brand Shu Uemera's press conference and had the opportunity to try out their new products. Him attentively demonstrated the new product on Eliza's 'Heung' hand, making everyone around jealous. On Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day they will be filming The Hippocratic Crush II. Rumored girlfriend Tavia Yeung is also in the series, will Him be celebrating with her? He blurted out: "Maybe just have a meal together during work hours. It's a little nervous when we're just starting. (Just started dating?) No, shooting the series! What I meant was aside from Tavia, I'll have a meal with other male artists from the series." 'Chan Ho Nam' Ekin Cheng finally got married, when will it be the new generation 'Chan Ho Nam' turn? Him frankly expressed: "I never thought about it, but I do hope to have children early. I don't want to be playing with my future child in crutches. (Have you asked Tavia yet?) That's just my wish!"

Although Heung Heung arrived at the event with a sweet smile on her face, she still wasn't able to hide her swollen pair of eyes. She explained: "A few days ago, there was construction near where I was working, perhaps I had an allergic reaction to the thinner and so my eyes are infected. I felt extreme pain throughout the day and when I got out of bed in the middle of the night, I couldn't even open my eyes. Initially I wanted to go to the emergency room, but I later decided to pray with my friend. Then I just went back to sleep and can still barely make it to work. I believe this is a type of miracle. (Why don't you find a boyfriend to take care of you?) Don't necessarily need a boyfriend to take care of me. I have many friends with me, already feel satisfied by that."


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