Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ben Wong Takes the Lead, No Fear Wong Cho Lam Stealing Screen Time

Yesterday Ben Wong and the Inbound Troubles cast Wong Cho Lam, Joey Meng, Louis Cheung, Bob Lam and Siu Bo (May Chan) attended the costume fitting for TVB new series Food for Slaves (tentative). When asked about the same 'Inbound' cast? Wong Cho Lam expressed: "No, its just a fourth of us, already have some chemistry, but we will strive to break this small circle up and maintain good terms. If Joey and I want to be situated at TVB, cannot rely on us, must include others as well."

Earlier, it was rumored a producer disliked Wong Cho Lam stepping over the line on his behind-the-scenes work. Cho Lam made it clear Food for Slaves has nothing to do with him, he is purely an actor this time. He did not participate in the script or casting at all. Cho Lam laughed: "Getting so much gossip isn't enough? I have to do what is told this time, I'm just the actor." For this series, it is necessary for Cho Lam to get his head shaved and he'll even share his bald look on Weibo. Wonder what his girlfriend Leanne Li would think of his bald look?

Joey said she asked the producer if her role is another 'middle-aged woman', she laughed: "The producer said my role is a 25-26 year old girl and that I'll be forced to marry Wong Cho Lam. Don't say I'm a middle-aged woman again."

As seen in the Food for Slaves sales presentation, Raymond Lam, played the emperor, but Ben Wong eventually replaced him. When asked if this is Ben's first leading role? Ben expressed he had a leading role in the 1997 series Triumph Over Evil before and is grateful that he ran into this opportunity again. Does Ben wish to get the 'My Favorite Male Character' award this year? Ben laughed he does not know when this series will be airing, but he will cherish the opportunity. He revealed he'll have many scenes opposite of Wong Cho Lam, but is not afraid he'll steal all the screen time. "We each have our own brilliance. I had always wished to collaborate with Wong Cho Lam, he's a very talented artist."

Also, yesterday Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards announced the voting results from November 2012 - February 2013. Wong Cho Lam and Joey Meng made it in 2nd place; 'Jackie Chan's Protest Restriction' in 4th place; HK Chief Executive CY Leung ranked 8th place; 'When Heaven Burns Re-run' in 10th place.


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