Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ricky Wong Confident HKTV will be licensed in March

Yesterday HKTV hosted a Chinese New Year event. Ricky Wong gave out $100 lucky packets to all of his employees; it was a lively scene. Ricky Wong frankly expressed his new year's wish is to get his free television license in March. He said: "I think my colleagues, the people of HK and myself would want the government to get something accomplished. (The Chief Executive Officer expressed earlier that the process is complicated?) As expected, but the process is going smoothly now. I heard the license should be approved by the end of March. We can then start preparing for the war." It was rumored he led his colleagues to the government offices for a sit-in? Ricky denied: "No such plans, I believe the government will actively handle the licenses." He added, currently there is good news on all aspects, so he is confident.

Asked about the progress of the Multimedia Center construction in Tseung Kwan O? Ricky expressed he invested over HK$80 million on the project and established a good foundation. He is still waiting for the department to approve the project, the work had never been stopped. When speaking setting off the 'poaching crisis' earlier, did it start out when TVB's starting work lucky packet went from $20 to $600? Ricky said: "I hope for flourishing businesses. I've been doing business for 21 years, even back during the SARS, I still gave out $100 lucky packets. Lucky packets is not about how much money there is, it is about the good intention and respect."

Currently shooting HKTV's new drama, 'first sister' Maggie Cheung also rushed to the CNY event. Asked about the major increase of 'starting work' lucky packet at her maternal home TVB? Maggie laughed: "I want to get lucky packets and give them out too. It's fun exchanging gifts." Asked of her new year's wish? She hopes HKTV can get their license soon and a harmonious HK.


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