Monday, February 4, 2013

Eric Tsang Got Tony Leung to Agree to shoot a TVB Series

Yesterday Lunar New Year film I Love Hong Kong 2013 held the premiere at Sunbeam Theatre. The cast including Eric Tsang, Alan Tam, Veronica Yip, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui and Nat Chan attended dressed in 70s costumes.

Earlier it was rumored Eric invited Tony Leung (Ka Fai), Carina Lau, Veronica Yip, Chow Yun Fat, Sandra Ng and Chow Yun Fat back to shoot TVB series. Eric frankly expressed in principle, Tony already agreed. When asked if he'll personally do the acting in the series as well? He said: "Tony is willing to film the series, I'm willing to accompany him. However, Carina won't be able to do it this year. Andy Lau, we're still discussing, it's based on the script. Chow Yun Fat, too distant! I didn't even know Tony actually debuted from the TVB Artistes Training class, he even said he's bleeding TVB's blood." Eric frankly expressed the earliest this series can happen is late 2013.

As for Veronica, when asked if Eric invited her to participate in a series? She frankly expressed: "I've met the producer, scriptwriter and the story is quite attractive. However, my husband said before that this film would be my last time, so it the series probably won't happen. I really want to be in the series because its the same crew from A Simple Life. I really enjoy just reading about the character, just this feeling is money can't buy. (Just apologize to your husband!) I don't even dare to mention it, don't dare to think about it! (Tell him to watch this film first!) If I let him watch it, then I'm in deeper trouble!" Veronica expressed although the crew is really good, she can only helplessly say no.

Also, it was said Bosco Wong 'owned' two women while shooting in Mainland. He said the two were his assistants. Bosco laughed: "I'm so busy filming, how will I have the energy to own two girls." He also said he does not know about ex-girlfriend Myolie Wu expressing that she's dating. He said: "Good girls will have many pursuers." It was said Carina Lau, who had once praised him, will be filming a series? He expressed if he's able to collaborate with her, he can do anything. As for Kate Tsui, she expressed she really hopes to collaborate with Chow Yun Fat.


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