Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gillian Chung's Cell Phone Robbed in Vietnam: Luckily No Intimate Photos

Yesterday Gillian Chung was on CRHK's radio interview to promote for her new song [i]Together[/u] (在一起). She generously admitted she and her Korean boyfriend Mr. K went to Vietnam for Valentine's Day. The couple visited several historical landmarks during the war. However, Gillian encountered an unfortunate event. She expressed: "On our second day of the trip, someone snatched my cell phone away from me. My boyfriend tried to help me get it back, but couldn't do much because there were too many motorcycles around. I just put my head down for a minute to look at the address, never thought someone would just rob my cell phone like that. That night, I was continuously having nightmares of the person robbing me." Ah Gil expressed fortunately she didn't have any intimate pictures on the phone, actually the pictures aren't all that special. The greatest impact is she'll have to start her games over again, which takes time. She said: "My boyfriend said he'll buy me another phone, but I have another one. I bought him iPad Mini as his Valentine's Day gift." Ah Gil expressed the Vietnam trip was a sudden urge and since her boyfriend was able to purchase the air tickets, they decided to go.

It was rumored William Chan is trying to rescue his relationship with Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), and the couple met up in Thailand for their vacation. Regarding this, Ah Gil clarified on their behalf: "They are fine, it's just the reports were saying they're on a cold war. The whole issue is a complete misunderstanding. The person who went to see the concert with Ah Sa is just a friend." When asked if she followed Shawn Yue and Kary Ng's recent rumor? Ah Sa expressed: "I saw the magazine cover. (Do you believe it?) I think it should be true? They were already photographed, I think they're not bad."


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