Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nancy Wu - Am I That Bad

Nancy Wu has been working at the same company (TVB) for over 10 years, but is getting promoted slower than others. After enduring for 10 years, she finally gets a leading role, but it was just a leading role in one of the four stories in the episodic TVB series Season of Love.

"In the past ten years, I've seen many of my colleagues easily becoming lead actresses. At first, I asked myself: 'Why is it not Nancy Wu?'" Asking herself the same question too many times, eventually she naturally just stops asking. Nancy Wu came to one conclusion: She's not pretty enough. If not pretty enough, then you will be classified as a character actor/actress. A female lead must have some beauty and just stand around, unlike a character actress who has room to develop her acting skills?

"All along, producers have just described me as the second female lead. How could the audience not have this definition? It's hard to bear, but then again I'm used to it. Last year, I got some supporting actress awards and encouragement from many people. If I say I don't expect to get promoted, then I'm lying. In the upcoming new series, Food for Slaves, many people thought my wish came true, but actually up until this moment, I'm not certain at all. The best I could do is comfort myself, I don't have the looks of a mui jai."

Failed this time, try again next time. "I cannot control the ability of others, so I can only control my own abilities. I will just have to try my best and let the audience recognize I am someone worthy of challenges."

Luckily There is Wayne Lai

Wayne Lai sits firmly in the lead actor seat, surveying the TVB FaDans, it is hard to believe Linda Chung or Kate Tsui could be a romantic couple with Wayne. By inert theory, it is expected Nancy can portray a couple with Wayne.

"From Rosy Business until The Confidant, I was paired up with Wayne, like there was finally no comparison. I was even paired up with Ngok Wah before. It is because I encountered them, that I began to feel more confident in moving forward in my career."

Indeed that is an enlightening story, an actress lacking the beauty was initially a weakness, but Nancy was able to turn it into brightness. Next is probably the explosive fabricated news, such as her on and off relationship with Kenneth Ma. She just let that relationship slip away, then turned around and announced she got a boyfriend, the boss of an advertising company.

"I've always lacked the talking point. I live a normal life. Nancy Wu's business, who really cares?"

A Substandard Girl

If her relationship with Kenneth Ma remained ambiguous, then definitely the public would have strong interest in her love life, She didn't leak a single thing. "The relationship was unstable, basically haven't even acknowledged he was the one. Then what's the point in publicizing the relationship?"

The secret was only out after the break up? Nancy: "It was because he didn't want the trouble, couldn't stand the media asking him the same question day and night. He childishly thought admitting the relationship would end it all. If you ask me, I think there is a better way to handle the situation. Unlike now, created even more trouble."

The troubles include Nancy being called a gold-digger, just because she wanted a wealthy boyfriend, she heartlessly dumped the 'suen poon'. Some said she had 'princess sickness' too.

Nancy questioned: "What did I do wrong? Why did I get written so badly? My last ex (Deep Ng) had a bad image, so you thought I was good; Now Kenneth has a good image and I turned into a bad woman?"

Kenneth wanted to help clarify the negative news. "The more clarification, the more miserable it gets. Everyone thought he was trying to defend me, so his reputation got even better and made me look even worse. Even my mother couldn't help but ask me, 'Why such a good girl can be insulted like this?' I didn't know how to answer her. Kenneth isn't especially rich either, you think he's the best deal, then am I a substandard girl?"

Again, back to the same question: "Am I that bad?"

This is the One

Nancy: "You ask me what's the benefit of publicizing a relationship, I think it's just we don't have to lie. Mentally, it keeps us relaxed. Kenneth and I, our foundation wasn't stabled, there were too many doubts, a vicious cycle and thus it was inevitable that our relationship ended."

So, this time Nancy was smarter, once she got photographed with her new boyfriend, she immediately admitted it. "First off, he's not someone in the industry, so there are less worries. Secondly, the most important, I have never had this feeling before, where I can see my future with someone. Women, what do they wish for, it's not a Chanel handbag. When it all comes down to it, women are pursuing nothing more than spiritual stability."

"If there are no accidents, this is the one." Ten years in the industry, Nancy had never dared to say it, nor could she say it. Every relationship is just to pave the road for the next. This time, Nancy is still believed to be tying herself to a wealthy boyfriend no matter what it takes. She smiled sweetly: "If a female artist's boyfriend isn't consider in poverty, then is he definitely rich?


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