Thursday, February 7, 2013

Charmaine Sheh Rumored to Join EEG for HK$50 Million

It was rumored Charmaine Sheh is approached by several film production companies and EEG was one of them, who offered her HK$50 million to sign the contract with them. Yesterday both parties admitted they have met for business talks.

EEG reportedly wants to find an actress to concentrate on films and television and luckily Charmaine already ended her management contract with TVB and finally decided to join EEG. It was all because EEG offered her HK$50 million for a two films per year contract and she gets to be EEG's "First Sister".

Yesterday reporters contacted both EEG and Charmaine to confirm. The spokesperson at EEG's film artists department expressed EEG is very interested to sign Charmaine, but when asked if its true she's signing a HK$50 million contract? The spokesperson expressed the official contract terms have not been set. As for Charmaine, she expressed over the phone: "What? HK$50 million? Too exaggerated! But I'm happy just to hear about it because my contract is ending soon, many companies have approached me. Indeed, we have met and discussed." When asked if she's a high paying artist? She laughed: "Money is not the most important. I just don't want to sign another long contract, so it will depend on how much freedom there is and how long the contract is." If Charmaine really does sign the contract with EEG, she'll be part of the big family with the other EEG singers, such as Joey Yung, Leo Ku and Raymond Lam.

Many are also interested in Charmaine's love life. Earlier she expressed in an interview that she already gave up on love for her career 10 years ago. Today, if she does encounter true love, she will love with courage. When asked if she wants to marry into the wealthy? She said: "Never thought about that, just want to marry someone I love!"


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