Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yang Mi Becomes Co-Owner of Hawick Lau's HK$33 million Mid-Levels Home

Since 38 year old Hawick Lau started dating 26 year old Mainland movie actress Yang Mi last year, the couple was described as 'the woman superior to the man'. However, in reality Hawick has successfully advanced in the Mainland market, last year he was named one of the top 4 Siu Sangs in Mainland.

Yang Mi had always had high-profile relationships and often spotted visiting her boyfriends on the set. Hawick and Yang Mi were seen hugging and kissing before, no wonder Hawick said there are plans for marriage this year.

Yesterday the couple came back to HK from Beijing to send new year greetings to Hawick's father, Lau Dan. At the airport, Yang Mi initially had her arm linked with Hawick, but once she saw reporters, she shyly took her hand off of him.

When asked when the couple is going to give out a pair of red envelopes? Hawick smiled and did not respond. As they were leaving the airport, the couple headed towards the direction of Lau Dan's home. Asked if he already sent new year greetings to future father and mother in-law in Beijing? Hawick smiled sweetly: "Yes, they're very nice and made me feel very comfortable. I also got red envelopes too. My girlfriend will be staying in the new home for a few days, she saw it and really likes it. (Are you giving the house to your girlfriend?) Actually the house is under my mother and Yang Mi's name."

How are they celebrating Valentine's Day? Hawick said: "It's Valentine's Day every day! Actually I'm rarely in HK, so I'll be spending time with my family in the next few days. (Did you already get the gift?) Don't need to especially get a gift because usually whenever I see something that she might like, I would buy it for her. Also, we're always together, how can I go buy it? (Then did Yang Mi prepare a gift for you?) Nope, actually this is our second Valentine's Day, we just spent it like any other day last year."

In the past year, Hawick has been earning tons of money in Mainland. Last year he purchased a HK$30 million, 1,398 square feet Valverde home in the Mid-Levels district. It was understood, in less than 6 months after the property was purchased, the market value had already increased by 10% (now HK$33 million). Also, in order to fully acknowledge Yang Mi as his girlfriend, Hawick added her name on the property. Their marriage is probably not too far. Although Hawick stressed that the home is primarily used to visit his family while he's in HK, Hawick will definitely make arrangements to spent a sweet Valentine's Day in the new home.


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