Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Power Chan will continue with TVB

After much 'will-he' and 'won't-he', actor Power Chan finally revealed that he has decided to renew his TVB contract.

Jayne Stars reported recently that "The Confidant" actor revealed, "I've left TVB in the past for seven years, returning in 2000. In thirteen years, I've portrayed many roles I like. It is not easy to get a good role, to be well-received by the audience, and to earn high ratings for a series."

He continued, "I waited twenty years until the role of Pang Sam Shun (in "The Confidant"). It definitely boosted my self-confidence. I am more well-known within the company, and there are more opportunities than before. So how can I leave [TVB]?"

When asked if it means that he has already signed the contract, the actor stated that they have discussed everything and are waiting for the contract to be signed.

Regarding his salary, the actor revealed, "It's a normal increase by a few percentage points. Being in TVB for many years, I already know that the salary won't be very high. Although no promise was made, Catherine Tsang's encouraging words as well as the publicity from the awards ceremony were all positive reflections. I believe there will be more opportunities for me."

The actor, who was rumoured to have received an invitation from HKTV's Ricky Wong to join the rival station, expressed his thoughts about the offer, stating, "I did discuss with HKTV before. Expenses definitely increased after the birth of my daughter, but my wife and I are considered lucky. We're not at the point in which we really need money. We are fine the way we are because we can work for what we like. It's what we are happy with. Therefore, money is not the main consideration. The chance to gain opportunities is more important."


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