Saturday, February 16, 2013

Leanne Li Bids $5000 "Handela"[Baby] License Plate for Wong Cho Lam's V-Day Gift

Yesterday Leanne Li served as a model for a wedding dress fashion show. She revealed her boyfriend Wong Cho Lam celebrated Valentine's Day on the aircraft without her, no wonder he quickly made it up to his girlfriend as soon as he got back to HK. Leanne said: "Last night, we had dinner with the Inbound Troubles cast and crew, Cho Lam came too. (Will you participate in the sequel?) Scheduling, I hope I could get a comedic character."

Leanne frankly expressed she has not got a Valentine's Day gift from her boyfriend yet, but she successfully purchased a "Handela" license plate as a Valentine's Day gift for Cho Lam because his "Handelababy" character was so successful. She added: "I asked a friend to help me bid it. I bid $5000, nobody else raised their hand. (Does Cho Lam know about it yet?) Not yet." When asked what kind of gift does she hope to get? She said: "I want to get something hand made, that would be quite a joy. In the past, he gave me an autographed album." When speaking of Wong Cho Lam giving out a pair of lucky red packets? She said: "That's odd? I only give out one, I need to ask him. (Did you two secretly get married?) Not that early, work comes first."

Yesterday Wong Cho Lam attended a separate event and gave out a pair of lucky red packets, but he denied that they're secretly married. "I'm just worried she won't be see you all, so I helped her give out her share!" Asked about his previous desire to give Leanne a star? He said: "That was a long time ago, back during our first Valentine's Day. I checked before, they just give you a piece of paper for you to write the name you want your star to be. There won't be any records at the outer space office." It was said he's thinking of casting his girlfriend in the Inbound Troubles sequel? Cho Lam said: "Lately there has been a lot of gossips, but if we're all okay with that, it is possible. I still need to see if there is a suitable role for her." He revealed the sequel will touch on the contradictions in society and admitted this series did bring popularity to many people.


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