Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Raymond Lam Finally Admits Dating 19 year old "BB" Karena Ng

Today, Raymond Lam appeared at Tseung Kwan O for JSG recording and during the interview, he personally admitted that he is indeed dating 'BB' Karena Ng and praised that she's a good girl. Raymond declared to the media in a serious tone: "All along, I don't explain anything outside of my work, but lately there just has been a lot of reports affecting my loved ones, including her family and my family." Asked if "she" is referring to Karena? He openly admitted: "Yes." As a man, this is the right thing to do. Asked if he's talking about 'BB'? He said: "Yes." And then added: "Earlier the reports got her family involved, which isn't right. The funniest one was the report said I rented a house for her and twisted everyone's impression. I was a little unhappy and very angry." Raymond expressed he has not met Karena's family and no need to comment, he is just doing what a man should, protect the female. He also hoped the public can get the whole thing clear, he stressed Karena's family background is not too bad, therefore don't misunderstand.

From now on, Raymond also hopes the media will stop making up stories. He expressed he didn't make the relationship public before was because it is part of his personal life and not part of work. Asked if he's admitting that he's dating Karena? He said: "Yes, I am just doing what a man should do." He revealed they have been together for some time already, but denied Karena was feeling unhappy, he just hopes the public won't have a biased view on her and stop making up stories.

When speaking of this high profile clarification? He said: "Under this situation, this is something I should do. I haven't met her family, but she has met mines." He said Karena is a very good girl, when asked if they started dating because they collaborated a film? He said he feels relieved after saying this.

Making this relationship public, wouldn't it upset Raymond's fans? He said expressed he hasn't heard about that, but stressed the most important is honesty and he believes they will send him blessings. He also stressed his company does not bother with his personal life, and avoided the question on whether Virgina Lok sent blessings to him. He just expressed: "I have the ability to make my own decisions and a personal life outside of work."

Asked if Karena BB complained? "Absolutely not." He said he did not tell anyone about making this relationship public, everything is his independent decision. Are they at the stage of cohabiting? He stressed again that they are not cohabiting, nor does the relationship have anything to do with money.

Currently filming in Mainland, Karena's management expressed this is her personal life and hopes to provide an explanation when she gets back to HK. As for what Raymond Lam has said, she agrees.


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