Thursday, February 14, 2013

Raymond Lam Longs for a Normal Dating Life, Wants to Hold Girlfriend's Hand

33 year old Raymond Lam announced he's dating 19 year old Karena Ng on Feb 6th, finally acknowledging "Karena BB" as his girlfriend and claimed he's just being a responsible man. Earlier the couple went on vacation to Japan.

After going on a sweet vacation for several days, the couple came back to HK yesterday and celebrated their first Valentine's Day together. Raymond made arrangements for a romantic candlelight dinner. Last night at 7:45pm, Karena and her female friends were spotted in Causeway Bay, then entered a building and up the elevator to a restaurant. In less than half an hour, Raymond and his male friend appeared rushing up to the restaurant to meet Karena. The couple had a sweet candlelight dinner together.

Yesterday Raymond accepted a radio interview and revealed he just hopes to have a normal dating life. He wants to be able to hold his girlfriend's hand and walk down Causeway Bay. "In the past, I never had a normal dating life, but now that I'm older, I can be myself more. The life I pursue is not constantly working. I've said before I long to have a normal Valentine's Day, have dinner with my girlfriend in Causeway Bay and watch a movie, that's very normal. (Will you hold your girlfriend's hand now?) I think I would. I cannot lose my own life just because of my job, my love life is also very important."

Raymond seems to enjoy dating very young girls, he believes: "There is no age limit in love. The most important is communication, understanding and mutual love. I don't believe in love at first sight, time is required to get to know your partner." When asked if there would be a "special friend" (Karena), who would go to his home for new year greetings? Raymond expressed there are no such plans.


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