Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Selina Jen called an “aunty” by kids

Selina Jen recorded the first episode of her new variety show “Little Universe No. 33” produced by Taiwan’s television channel Super TV on Saturday. The Taiwanese artiste will be co-hosting the show with popular College Talk host Na Dou (Lin You Zhi).

According to the Taiwanese media, Selina made a high-profile entrance to her first recording session of her new variety show by entering the studio in a million-dollar sports car.

The show, which is similar to popular Taiwanese variety show College Talk hosted by Matilda Tao, Na Dou and Ah Ken, will be a kid-centric program that features children as guests on the show with a weekly topical question set for discussion.

Na Dou confessed that he could not handle some of the difficult questions posed by the children, “One of them asked, I have been caught dating with many different girls, so how many girlfriends do I actually have?”

The host added that he had to quickly clarify that “those are just friends” and told the kids that he is “not dating anyone now”.

On the other hand, Selina, who has her own method when it comes to dealing with kids, was also taken aback when her young guests called her “aunty” on the show. The host then pretended to be angry and told them, “You called me aunty because you wanted to catch my attention?”

The 31-year-old starlet is reportedly paid about NT$120,000 (about S$5025) per episode – equivalent to what veteran Taiwanese hosts Zhang Xiao Yan and Dee Hsu are earning right now.

When asked about her pay for hosting the show, Selina responded that she was “not sure” about money issues.

Selina and Na Dou’s new variety show would be replacing a variety show hosted by Bowie Tsang. Selina’s pay is reportedly about NT$40,000 (about $1700) more than what Bowie was paid, making her the queen of Super TV’s variety shows.


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