Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bobby AuYeung First Appearance Since Mishap, Puts up "OK" Sign to the Media

Bobby Au Yeung's condition is improving. A few days ago, he was able to do an interview himself and recalled his 12 hour life threatening condition. Yesterday morning, he was wheeled out of his hospital room for a body check up. At around 11am, the nurse put Bobby on a wheelchair and wheeled him out, where he was greeted by reporters. This is Bobby's first public appearance since his mishap. When the media asked how he's currently doing? Bobby raised his hand and did an "OK" hand gesture. He also expressed, "I can discharge within the next couple of days." Bobby's manager Lydia added: "He should be discharging on Thursday."

Guest Star in 'On Call 2'

At 5pm, Lawrence Ng visited Bobby at the hospital and stayed with him for about half an hour. He said: "Today I come with a loving and caring heart. He said he's 80% recovered. He's very well-spirited and does not look like a patient at all. The only thing is, he hasn't shaved yet. He even cracked a joke and said he wanted to guest star as a patient in The Hippocratic Crush II ('On Call 2'). He said he wants to get back to work, but I told him the series isn't rushed to be aired, and I told him not to drink too much. Perhaps its because filming has been too tiring and he drank a little too much."

Florence Kwok: He's Much More Handsome

Florence Kwok and Toby Leung appeared at the hospital together to visit Bobby. Florence expressed: "Bobby has never looked so young, he's a lot more handsome and well spirited. Very good." As for Toby, it was rumored she and Him Law sparked love 2 years ago when they were filming Wax and Wane. When she was asked about the rumor, Toby shouted: "I'm not responding to rumors that are not true!" It was also rumored Toby only had the opportunity to work with Him because no other actress dared to collaborate with him. Toby denied, but when asked about if she was a two-timer back then? Have they ever dated? Toby avoided the questions and made an excuse that she's in a hurry to go have dinner with Florence. Also, Toby and Him's passionate kiss scene in Season of Love was originally very romantic, but Netizens joked Him went cross-eyed from all the kissing.


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