Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lawrence Ng Starts "On Call 2", Shows Off HK$600,000 Sports Car

Last night, Lawrence Ng started working on TVB new series The Hippocratic Crush II (On Call 2) with Miss HK [second runner-up] Tracy Chu in Wan Chai. After 8 years of absence, Lawrence turns to TVB and is investing a lot into it. Aside from using 6 figures worth of clothing from his own wardrobe, he also drove his newly bought HK$600,000 luxury Mercedes Benz to the filming location.

Lawrence appeared very fit and expressed he's already used to filming series back at TVB. In the series, he and Tracy are paired up, when asked if he's afraid newcomers would NG a lot? He praised Tracy: "I'm not worried, I know she's a newcomer, so I taught her how to prepare the scripts. She's very smart and learned quickly. (Any kiss scenes?) For now, no."

When speaking of On Call 2 is the next series scheduled for studio filming after Love Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate, but the lead actor Bobby Au-Yeung's mishap caused a delay? Lawrence said: "Yes, there was some trouble because after On Call 2, I'm starting another Mainland drama, so now that date has been postponed as well. It's fine though, the most important is Bobby's health."

Tracy appeared calm shooting her first series, but as a newcomer, she had to shoot a crying scene on her first day. Because she wasn't able to get her emotions out in time, she had to use eye drops. Fortunately, the director was very understanding and attentively taught her how to get into character. Regarding his debut series, Tracy expressed its inevitable that she'll be nervous: "I told myself don't be afraid of NG. I hope I can relax myself as much as possible. (Do you like the mature type of men, like Lawrence Ng?) Just as long as we have things in common, age is not an issue."


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