Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bobby Au Yeung Suffers Acute Pneumonia Sent to ICU

Yesterday morning 52 year old TVB actor Bobby Au-Yeung suffered acute pneumonia and was rushed into the intensive care unit (ICU) for immediate treatment. At one point, he was unconscious and was in critical condition. Fortunately, yesterday afternoon, his condition improved and he regained consciousness, but due to all the medications he was given, he feels exhausted and is not fully awake.

In the past year, the 52 year old actor's health has been declining. While filming his new TVB series Love Reserve Three Lifetimes of Fate, he had discomfort in his chest before and recently on Chinese New Year's Eve (Feb. 9th), he was feeling unwell and was unable to go to work. Now Bobby's even in ICU, very surprising and really makes everyone worry about him. Yesterday morning, he was celebrating the New Year with friends and suddenly fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital immediately. Because he was in critical condition, he was sent to the ICU. His wife accompanied him.

Once the news of Bobby's hospitalization broke out, a large group of reporters rushed to the hospital for interviews. At 2pm, Bobby's manager (Lydia) was leaving the hospital and accepted interviews. She revealed: "Bobby is doing ok! He regained consciousness. He had acute pneumonia, perhaps it was caused by him eating too fast and the food went down to his lungs." It was rumored Bobby drank too much? She denied: "Last night, he celebrated with friends, but it should not have anything to do with alcohol. (Is he out of the critical state?) OK, he's fine." She expressed Bobby is still in ICU for continual examination and his lungs need to be treated properly. He'll probably have to rest for several days.

Yesterday at 4:30pm, Bobby's wife, Lydia and 6 other people visited Bobby at the hospital. About an hour later, Lydia appeared first and expressed Bobby's family would be leaving alater. When asked of Bobby's current condition? She said: "He's awake. What he needs most now is rest. At least a week of rest. (When will he switch back to the common ward?) I'll have to ask the doctor. He's still hooked up on equipment and can't get out of bed yet. Due to the effects from the medication, he's feel exhausted. (Is his wife really worried?) Of course, but he's very safe now."

When Bobby's wife and family were leaving the hospital, although they had masks on, it was clear her eyes were red and that she's really worried. When she was getting into her car, reporters asked of Bobby's condition? She said: "Ok, he's fine!"

Felt Unwell Before

Initially, Bobby was due back at TVB to continue for Love Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate shooting, but now the he cannot be on schedule. Producer Chong Wai Kin expressed Bobby's manager already explained the situation to him and what's most important now is for Bobby to get his rest. The filming schedule can be rescheduled accordingly. Next month, the crew will be heading over to Mainland for outdoor shooting and filming will end approximately in March. Asked if Bobby had felt unwell before? He expressed several months ago, Bobby said he felt chest discomfort, but after hours of rest, he was fine. At the time, he was advised to get a body check. Bobby said he would go when he has time. Hopefully Bobby really gets his rest this time and recovers soon.

Ben Wong: Bobby Doesn't Do Heavy Drinking

Bobby's co-star Esther Kwan revealed she and her husband Nick Cheung were very worried when they heard the news. She immediately called his manager to ask of his current condition. She said: "Work is not important, I hope he get well soon!" Grace Wong also wrote on Weibo: "Get well soon Brother!" Netizens left messages on discussion forums, all wishing Bobby to get well soon and become a "Happy Bobby" again.

Ben Wong is also part of the cast of Bobby and Esther's new series, he revealed there wasn't anything abnormal about Bobby while they were shooting. He said: "That time, he was joking around like usual. Did he eat too much on New Years? (Visit him?) I will call him first. I think it's not a good time to visit him now. (Bobby reportedly drank too much?) Bobby does not have a habit of heavy drinking, I just hope he gets well soon. (Will he affect the shooting progress?) The ancient part of the series has already been completed and his scenes are done too." Nick Cheung frankly expressed: "A month ago, I visited him on the set. As a friend, of course I really want to visit him, but not anyone can go into the ICU. I hope he's fine! If I could, I would definitely go visit him, after all it is much more relieving to see him in person."


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