Sunday, February 10, 2013

Michael Tse - No More Laughing

On day of the interview, Michael Tse started at 7am, after shooting 10 hours straight of TVB new series Sniper Attack 2013, he rushes over to Tsim Sha Tsui for the photo shoot and interview. Earlier he was busy promoting for Friendly Fire and then had to shoot Lunar New Year comedy film I Love Hong Kong 2013 and now he's actively promoting for its premiere. He's been working nonstop, no wonder at one point, no matter if its in the television set or on the big screen, you can see Michael Tse.

Since E.U (Literal: "Cadets Attack"), to Lives of Omission (Literal: "Sneak Attack"), to Friendly Fire (Literal: "Justice Attack") and now Sniper Attack 2013, Michael laughed he's basically just shooting an "attack" series every year. His roles goes from an undercover to a police officer, then to a lawyer, he's been "attacking" several times, but this time around he finally plays a true sniper! For a realistic effect, Michael especially asked his friend, who knows about Special Duties Unit (SDU) snipers to give him some advice and he'll imitate the appearance. "In reality, it is definitely not easy to be a sniper. Their work is rather static, I have to appear dynamic while being static. It's just all depends on my eye expressions, which is quite challenging."

When speaking of the "attack" series, we will definitely think of Michael's classic role Laughing Gor. Laughing Gor has indeed brought Michael Tse's career to its peak, but because the role had been too successful and left a deep impression on audience, it unknowingly became his burden. No matter what role Michael plays, people will still say he has the Laughing Gor shadow in him.

"I know some people think 'JJ' in Friendly Fire is just like Laughing. As an artist, I'm already used to hearing different opinions from the audience. To me, every role is actually unique. The Laughing Gor role has really got into many people's brains, I just hope the audience won't judge just by watching a few scenes. They should patiently watch the show and naturally, they will be able to see the differences." When Michael first debuted, he had an 'unhealthy' image and often got roles as a gangster, a scum or some crazy man. It wasn't until his semi-evil undercover Laughing Gor role that got him the breakthrough. After he got himself a stable seat as the TVB Siu Sang, he started getting more righteous and positive roles. In fact, whether if the role is good or evil, Michael frankly expressed any of those roles can get popular.

In his latest film I Love Hong Kong 2013, he plays the crafty young version of Nat Chan, and will throw laugh bombs along with his co-stars Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui and Joyce Cheng. In the film, Michael disguised himself in a 60s long haircut, a complete retro look, will you still think he's Laughing Gor?

Started out as a Dancer, Michael is the "King of Dance" titleholder from Strictly Come Dancing, so of course he's energetic. However, on the television screen he's often seen holding a gun, but in his personal life, its surprising to hear that he's actually holding a spatula most of the time!

"From the start, I was forced to cook my own meals, but my personality is when I decide to do something, I will have to enjoy the process. Slowly, I fell in love with cooking. Usually when I have free time in between filming, I would exchange cooking experiences with my female co-star. My favorite dish is 'Big Crabs Cooked in Yellow Wine', which is a dish master chef Fala Chen taught me! Sometimes I get off work late, but I would still insist on cooking up a few dishes. (How can you cook when you're tired?) Actually I don't cooking will tire me out, actually the process is very relaxing. After I finish cooking, I feel accomplished. We all eat happily too!"


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