Saturday, February 2, 2013

Niki Chow Denies Dating Foreigner, Wants a Chinese Boyfriend

Earlier Niki Chow was spotted with a Caucasian man on the street and it was rumored the two are dating. Yesterday she attended her management Dai Ngok Entertainment's 10 Anniversary Banquet (subsidiary of East Asia Music) and denied the rumor. Niki said: "After the report came out, many friends called to congratulate me. I had no idea what was going on. That gentleman is a friend of my sister Kathy Chow, that night we were all just there for a party. I wasn't feeling well, so I left first. My sister asked him to walk me out to get a taxi. He already has his other half. At my sister's wedding, she introduced me to many guys, but that day I was just too high and basically can't tell who is who."

When speaking of ex-lover Kevin Cheng wishing her all the best in finding her other half, Niki said: "The reporters asked him, of course he'll give that answer. If he's in a relationship too, I would wish him all the best too." She expressed she does not mind starting a new relationship, she said: "There are several pursuers asking me out on dates, they should be interested, but I have no feel." Asked if she would choose a foreigner to be a boyfriend? Niki said: "I don't mind, but my mom said before, my sister married a foreigner, so she hopes I marry a Chinese person."


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