Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wong Cho Lam saving for wedding

Plagued by the many questions about marriage at the wedding ceremony of actress Mandy Lam, "Inbound Troubles" star Wong Cho Lam revealed that he is indeed saving up for his own wedding.

As reported on Popular Asians, the actor, who attended the wedding with his girlfriend of three years, Leanne Li, revealed that he is indeed planning to propose to her, but added humorously, "Because I cross-dress so much, I'm afraid that Leanne will end up being the groom, while I became the bride at our wedding. That will be quite a hassle!"

To this, Eric Tsang quipped, "That is a possibility. But since you've already done so much, your cross-dressing won't be a surprise to anyone anymore. It's better to just go naked."

Meanwhile, Wong Cho Lam also dismissed reports about their Thailand vacation recently, poking fun at the media's absurd habit of speculating about celebrities' relationship and activities during vacations.

When asked if they stayed in the same room while in Thailand, Cho Lam joked, "Of course. What's done is done. She is now pregnant with my child, and we will get married tomorrow. Same room, same bed, and we are living together," before adding, "However, my mother was also with us!"

Earlier, the actor revealed that Leanne bought home a HKD 5000 specially made license plate that read "Handelababy" – the name of Cho Lam's cross-dressing gag role in the 2010 variety show, "Fun With Liza And Gods".

When asked if he used it on his car, the actor quipped, "Everyone would know that the car is mine if I use it! It's her way of trapping me."


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