Monday, February 18, 2013

Linda Chung's boyfriend meets family

Rumour has it that Linda Chung has brought rumoured boyfriend to see her parents in Canada.

As reported on Popular Asians website, the actress, who took a two-month vacation after concluding filming for "Brother's Keeper", went to visit her parents on Chinese New Year, allegedly accompanied by Phillip Ng, who flew from the United States to meet them.

An insider reported, "Linda hasn't taken a vacation in a long time. She was very excited to take some time off and meet up with Philip in Vancouver and also introduce him to her family and relatives."

The source added, "Linda didn't want to be caught together with Philip by the press so they arrived at the airport on separate days."

Although their relationship has been one of many tabloids reports for the past five years, both Linda and Phillip have never publicly announced that they are dating - maintaining a low-key relationship and hoping to keep it under wraps from the public eye.


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