Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eddie Cheung's 50th Birthday, Wife Surprises Him On the Set

Eddie Cheung, who is currently shooting TVB new series Sniper Attack 2013 celebrated his 50th birthday with the cast. His wife made a special surprise visit on the set with a birthday cake and kiss. It was such a sweet moment. Eddie and his wife have been married for several years and are still stuck together like glue.

Regarding Eddie's wife surprise visit, he said: "My wife didn't tell me before that she'll visit me on the set, I'm really surprised! This morning we were filming for 3 hours before getting off work, so I never thought there be a celebration. In this field, I'm used to it." In the series, Eddie plays a strict SDU instructor and personally does the action scenes himself. He currently looks pretty fit and of course his wife, who runs a beauty salon, took most of the credit.

Also, Eddie and his old partner Kathy Chow play a couple in this series. Since the two have collaborated several times before, Mrs. Cheung is not worried at all. For Eddie's birthday, Kathy gave him a checker designed bag. Eddie quickly took a picture and posted it on Weibo to thank her.


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