Thursday, February 28, 2013

Raymond Lam & Karena Ng's 3 Vacations in 1 Month, Guarantees No Baby Made

Since Raymond Lam started dating 19 year old Karena Ng, the couple had been on three vacations within a month! Following their Tokyo and Okinawa trips, last night the couple were spotted at the airport coming back from their 3rd vacation in Milano. Raymond was first to appear pushing out his luggage, when asked where he just got back from? The impatient Raymond said: "I'm on vacation now, so I don't have to explain. (Where is your girlfriend?) I don't have to give you the schedule right? (3 vacations in 1 month?) Good morning! (Girlfriend will come out after you?) I don't have to tell you. (Came back to HK early because your girlfriend has work?) Thanks!"

Ten minutes later, Karena BB came out with a pleasant smile on her face. There was a group of male fans waiting for her at the airport. Walking with just her two hands in her pockets, it appears her boyfriend had already taken care of her luggage for her. It also seems like she and Raymond prepared their responses to the media. When asked why they're leaving the airport separately? She just said "Thank you" as a response. When asked if she turned down several jobs because of this relationship? Is her company upset? She defended herself: "I was shooting a Mainland drama for 3 months. (Why are your hands in your pockets?) I'm on vacation, I don't want to talk too much about my personal life." But when Karena took one of her hands out of her pockets to open the taxi door, she 'carelessly' revealed a ring on her left index finger. It looks like the 'wedding ring' has been exposed!

Last night, Karena attended the celebration dinner for the film Hotel Deluxe with Ronald Cheng, Fiona Sit and Lynn Hung. She smiled sweetly and admitted she went on vacation with Raymond: "This time, we went to Milano and Florence. We went for several days mainly to look at the architecture there. Raymond had studied there before." A few weeks ago when the couple came back from Tokyo, Karena stuttered and denied staying in the same hotel room as Raymond, but the public criticized the response is too fake. This time when Karena was asked whether they stayed in the same hotel room, she chose not to respond. "That is too personal, I am not responding. (Secretly married?) Nope. I will tell you all of the happy events. (You're wearing a ring?) I bought it myself, he didn't give it to me. I will only accept it at a different stage in the relationship. (Plan to get married over there?) Haven't thought of that far into the future. (Are you afraid of getting pregnant?) That definitely won't happen. Take it step by step. Marriage comes first, that is one of the biggest events in life and very important to a girl. It is necessary to have a full and complete plan."

Calls Lover By Real Name "Ah Man"

Karena BB later exposed Raymond has not changed his weakness of being late all the time. "Usually he has this problem, I have to rush him. (Why did he want you to take the taxi?) I suggested it, I want to keep a low-profile. We knew there would be reporters. (He's a big man?) No! (He's romantic?) Usually, I can guess everything he does. (How do you two refer one another? Honey?) I don't call him that, I call him by his real name Ah Man." (Raymond's real name is Lam Wui Man)

Raymond's manager responded on his behalf during a telephone interview: "Raymond's vacation is over today (2/28). He'll be attending an autograph session on March 3rd. (Raymond and Karena's secret trip to Milano?) I knew he was on vacation. (Karena has a ring on her, rumored they're secretly married?) I haven't heard about that, personal matters, have to ask them." It was understood, Raymond and Karena's 3 vacations within a month cost them about HK$500,000.


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