Sunday, February 24, 2013

Myolie Wu Gets Intoxicated From Drinking Milk; Kenneth Ma Accidentally Calls Myolie "Nancy Wu"

Yesterday Myolie Wu, Nancy Wu, JJ Jia, Kenneth Ma and Oscar Leung promoted for TVB series Season of Love. After the promotion, Myolie has to fly over to Beijing for work. When asked if she's rushing over to see her Mainland rumored boyfriend? She said: "Who? Don't speak nonsense. I'm not hurried to be in a relationship, leave it to fate!" Last night, Myolie reportedly intoxicated herself at good friend Nancy Wu's house? Myolie laughed: "I didn't drink, just coincidentally the reporter took pictures of me catching the taxi with squinted eyes. I already explained on Weibo. All I drank that night was milk. Fans teased me too, milk can't intoxicate people, just people intoxicate themselves. (Still single, feeling really worried?) No, I'm very happy! Aide from love, friendship is really good too, that night Nancy cooked up big feast for me. (Friends are in relationships, you don't envy them?) Can't rush these things, leave it to fate! (Did Nancy introduce any guys to you?) Not deliberately, I really don't have those plans. (Do you mind if it actually happens?) No, just like meeting a new friend, but why are you all so anxious! (Because you've been hurt before, you don't dare to date again?) No, really just leave it to fate."

Nancy praised Myolie is doing very well, both physically and mentally, she doesn't need to introduce guys to her. Just be natural and that can attract excellent guys. Has Myolie been resisting? "No, she had always been career-oriented. In the past, she really worked too hard, I told her that she needs time to have her own life. After all, we are over 30, no matter where our career is now, we still have to think about marriage, having kids and starting a family. We cannot just incline towards our career, there needs to be a balance. Myolie is doing very well now, let nature take its course."

Kenneth joked during the Lantern Festival, he had several girl friends accompany him. He also thanked the media for giving him so many rumored girlfriends, Natalie Tong, Rebecca Zhu and Eliza Sam. He laughed: "My mom thought it was so easy to meet girls. (Who does your mother choose?) She's not as concerned about my love life as the media is." However, he does hope people don't misunderstand because the girls may not think he's a 'suen poon'. Among the three, which one is suitable to be Kenneth's actual girlfriend? He laughed: "The 3 of them are very good. If the media continues to write about us, it won't get anywhere. There will be lots of peach blossoms, but none of them are true." Also, at the promotion Kenneth accidentally called his on-screen girlfriend "Ting Yan" (Nancy), which is actually suppose to be Myolie, looks like he hasn't forgotten about his ex-girlfriend yet and Myolie had to correct him. What an embarrassing situation!

JJ Jia exposed she has a passionate kiss scene with Oscar Leung in the series, and even now she can still remember the taste. Oscar teased JJ asking if her boyfriend Louis Fan could feel it? Asked JJ if her boyfriend is jealous? She expressed: "No, but that scene really left a deep impression. We had to do the kiss scene on the first day of work. It is the most kissing I've ever done. I told him (boyfriend) after we finished the scene. (Did you're boyfriend ask you to do it another time?) Cheh, not necessary. This only happens in acting."


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