Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Louis Yuen & Grace Wong Spend A Harmonious 'Argument Day'

The third day of Chinese New Year is also the 'argument day', a day one can easily get into an angry argument with someone. Friendly Fire's funny couple Louis Yuen and Grace Wong, surprisingly doesn't just 'argue' verbally, but also takes out their weapons and fists. Louis just allowed and on his own will, his 'barbaric girlfriend' Grace to attack him. Of course Grace doesn't actually hit him, each time her 'attacks' are filled with love. She eventually gave flowers to Louis and they ended in harmony again. In reality, Grace and Louis are good buddies. Louis would help Grace fix her hair, which got Grace to complement how attentive her 'See Hing' is.

In the past, Louis usually meets up with his good friends on the third day of CNY, but because the more familiar he is with the friend, the more bickering is involved, especially when he chose to see them on the 'argument day'. "On the first and second day of New Year, I would visit close family and relatives to send new year greetings, but on the third day I have never argued with anybody before. New Year is a happy day, how could we be arguing!" Louis said there are many forms of arguments, it could be used to express dissatisfaction, but it may not necessarily be used for actual disputes. On this CNY, I hope to spend more time with family, unlike the last few years where I was extremely busy.

Grace laughed: "I just learned what the 'argument day' meant. I thought Chinese people had a special day just for arguments and we have to set up a time to argue, then there won't be any more arguments hereafter. (How will you spend the New Year?) On the first, I participated in a parade. (What's your plans for the New Year?) I hope this year I'll get more breakthrough roles, those whom differ from the real Grace Wong. I already know about one of my new roles, she has mental issues. It's a pretty big challenge for me. I will be shooting 3 series around the same time, it feels like a time for training and the opportunity to practice my Chinese. (Hope to get an award this year?) I enjoy a breakthrough role and audience being able to see my hard work more. I don't want to gain too much, I'll be happy with just a nomination. (You don't want to start dating?) God will have his arrangements for me. I will pray to encounter a good boyfriend and for my career and love life to go smoothly."

Small Project: Do a Show

Louis expressed: "For the new year, I have a small project, that is to kick off my own show. I hope to do more homework first. I feel an artist should give some homework to themselves annually. Actually last year I already started preparing, and I hope to make it happen this year. I want to a breakthrough individual show and it should happen at the end of this year. (Any plans for marriage?) Not rushed, after all I am part of the Idol group. My girlfriend and I are happy together, thank you all for the concern!"


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