Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Priscilla Wong's 4 Year Crush on a Guy Paid Off in 'Reality Check'

Priscilla Wong's debut TVB series is Reality Check. In the series, she has a crush on Ruco Chan's role, which triggered memories of the two crushes she had in real life. She had the courageous 'if you did it, no fear to admit it' attitude: "It happened when I was still in school. The first time, I had a crush on a guy for a month, but quickly I lost the feeling. Then I felt so relieved."

When you have a crush on someone, your heart races when you see your crush, but when you don't see [him/her], you feel disappointed. Priscilla's 1 month crush wasn't deep, thus when she encountered her next crush, she still carried a hasty attitude, but unexpectedly she had a crush on him for 4 years and never confessed her feelings. "I woke up one day, suddenly feeling it was time for me to confess my feelings to him, but then I found out he already had a girlfriend." Four years of feeling mentally disturbed from having a crush, she helplessly put it to an end in tears. She expressed: "Luckily I had exams to distract me at the time, so I was able to quickly get back to normal. Today, my ex-crush and I still go to the same Church and we are good friends." Her real life experiences on crushes helped her get into her Reality Check's character easily and her 4 year crush finally paid off for her in another way.

As a Christian, Priscilla laughed off the "fate" theory. A few years ago, she hosted a show with Feng Shui Master Peter So and while her colleagues were asking Master So of their future, Priscilla had no interest in finding out about her future. She only remembered what Master So told her: "If there is a relationship for you to be in, then be in it. If you are going to get married, then get married." From Master So's tone, it sounds like he's trying to tell her not to force anything. She laughed: "Doesn't matter, but in reality I actually don't have a boyfriend."

Priscilla primarily hosted travel shows while she was with iCable. She has been to 55 countries and regions, and is fortunate to say that she met more good people than bad people in her career. She said: "In Chile, someone stole my wallet, but luckily my ID card was in a separate pocket. I pity the thief because I didn't have much money in the wallet." Her most memorable experience was in Ukraine, "The staff were all detained by the Customs because they couldn't read our passports. We were there for 10 minutes. Once I mentioned Jackie Chan's name, one of the officers said they know this person and immediately let us go." This proves Jackie Chan doesn't just simply contribute entertainment to the people of HK, but in other aspects as well.


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