Thursday, February 14, 2013

Esther Kwan Responsible to Restrict Bobby Au-Yeung from Drinking after Recovery

A few days ago, Bobby Au-Yeung fell unconscious from acute pneumonia and was rushed to the ICU for immediate treatment. He is still currently in ICU, but his condition is now stabled. The funny Bobby joked he's feeling comfortable in ICU and doesn't want to change rooms. His manager, Lydia, expressed the doctor said he can switch back to the common ward, but because there is some problem with the arrangement, it still has not happened. She said Bobby is used to the sounds in the ICU room and the nurses have been treating him well, so he's feeling very comfortable. Bobby still cannot eat anything, still on medication and an IV. Yesterday on Valentine's Day, Bobby's wife shared a sweet photo on Weibo that she took with Bobby, she said: "Today is Valentine's Day, wishing everyone forever happiness and have a sweet day! I also wish my husband a speedy recovery, come back to me soon!"

The producer of Bobby's currently filming series Love Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate had a meeting yesterday and decided to modify Bobby's 4 day large-scale nightclub scenes. He asked actor Akai Lee to substitute for Bobby, then when Bobby returns to work, they'll patch up the scenes to fit the overall plot. However, in the next several days, the series is going on hiatus for both studio and outdoor filming until Bobby's return. The Hippocratic Crush II was originally the next series to start shooting in their studio, but because the studio filming schedule had been postponed, TH2's start date has been delayed as well.

Producer Chong expressed: "Bobby has good people relations, many people wanted to be his substitute. Akai Lee collaborated with him before, so he's very familiar with his body movements and can help us out." As for the outdoor shooting in Foshan, the crew will be shooting there from March 5th to the 20th, everything has been scheduled. He has confidence Bobby will be able to resume work by then. "Bobby's manager Lydia said his condition is better than yesterday. Once he switches back to the common ward, I'll go visit him. There is still two weeks before we start the outdoor shooting, he should be recovered by then." Producer Chong joked once Bobby gets back to work, they'll have to rely on Esther Kwan to control him and restrict him from drinking.

Esther laughed, they should count on work to control Bobby, but she believes even after his discharge from the hospital, he'll still need lots of rest. She suggested that he get a body check up as well. "Postponing filming is not a problem, the most important is for him to be fine. Earlier on the set, Bobby had such a severe chest pain that he started sweating and his face turned green. We had to stop shooting for a moment."


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