Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Charmaine Sheh Not Upset Eric Tsang Implied She Frequently Swears

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh attended an event for LANCOME Absolue. The other guests included Jacqueline Chong, Irene Wan and Amanda Lee. It has been a while since Charmaine appeared in HK since she's often working in Mainland. After this event, she's flying to Hangzhou. Asked if she's worried about the H7N9 bird flu? She said: "It will be fine. I have a good immune system, take more vitamins, but I'm heading right back to the hotel after work and won't go out too much."

At Eric Tsang's birthday party earlier, many of his celebrity friends were singing songs with profanity and Eric publicly expressed he should invite Charmaine up on stage to sing along? Charmaine laughed when she heard this. She said: "He's just kidding! That night, we had too much fun and it was really loud. I didn't know what they were singing and I couldn't hear what was being said. It was a very fun evening. (That means Eric said you're always swearing?) They're just playing, it was a big family together that night, just joking behind closed doors. I'm not upset! (You never swear?) I don't believe there is a person who does not swear, but it depends on the setting and what's happening. In general, shouldn't be scolding people using profanity! (Did he apologize to you?) I had dinner with him last night, and I just called him a bad person for putting me on the table! (Worried this might affect your image?) If my 10+ year reputation gets ruined by his one comment, then I really have to do a self-reflection!"

Also, it was rumored Christine Kuo was the third party who led to Aaron Kwok breaking up with Lynn Hung. Because of this Christine was called a flirt. Tabloid magazines had long addressed Charmaine as 'Flirty Sheh', she advised Christine to just do her own part and as long as she has the actual strength, then she does not need to worry about what people say. Charmaine expressed she does not support third parties because that's breaking up a family and not a good thing. She will not be a third party.


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