Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jordan Chan & Cherrie Ying Are Parents, Welcomes 6lbs Baby Boy Jasper

Congrats! 45 year old Jordan Chan and 30 year old Cherrie Ying have been married for 3 years, and had always wished to keep the generations going. Finally, on July 1st the couple welcomed their 6 pound baby boy Jasper. "Little Jordan" was due earlier than expected. When Cherrie's water broke, she called her husband Jordan back to HK at once. Jordan flew back from Tianjin and fortunately made it in time to witness the birth of his first son during a signal No.3 typhoon. Cherrie frankly expressed its a like a dream come true and joked she wonders whether will 'exercise magical powers' (cause trouble) in the future since he was born during a typhoon.

The new father accepted interviews from the media outside of the hospital entrance. It was difficult for Jordan to cover up the happiness of becoming a father, he said emotionally: "My son was born on July 1st. Of course, I accompanied my wife through labor. My son was about 6 pounds at birth, it wasn't a natural birth, but the process went smoothly. Cherrie was very strong and was not afraid at all." Jordan rushed back to HK from Tianjin when his wife was ready to go into labor; once the plane landed, he hurried to the third floor of the hospital and finally entered the delivery room with his wife, but unfortunately he cannot carry his newborn yet because he's still under observation. Does he plan to send the baby pictures to the media? He said: "Probably not, leave them for myself."

Jordan disclosed Jasper has his mother's lips, his nose and eyebrows. He laughed: "He has a lot of [body] hair, but I'm saying eyebrows. He has a lot of hair too, his arms and legs are long. Of course he's a handsome boy." He praised Cherrie was very strong, she had anesthesia and still could feel the bottom half of her body being operated on.

Jasper does not have a Chinese name yet, his wife will make the decision and he will temporarily be breastfed. The happiest to Jordan was he and his son are both Cancer. "Coincidentally he was born on July 1st, each year there will always be people putting fireworks to celebrate with us. (Not every year.) It's still good!" Cherrie disclosed on Facebook she chose the name Jasper because her husband's English name is Jordan, so their son's name should start with a J too. It means to have heritage.

Asked if he'll reduce his workload to spend more time taking care of his son? Jordan helplessly expressed he did want to spend more time in HK with his son and allow the father-son to get familiar with each other, but unfortunately he has to fly back to Tianjin on July 8th.


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