Friday, January 18, 2013

Wong Cho Lam Refutes: "HK Audience Are Killing TV Series"

Inbound Troubles starring Wong Cho Lam, Roger Kwok and Joey Meng is an exaggerated comedy series reflecting on the HK-China relationship. Parodies of the HK current events, such as the "famous brand store prohibits photo taking" and "rude tour guide" were seen in the series. Shortly after the series premiere, there has been a load of complaints and hot discussions. Up until yesterday the Broadcasting Authority has already received 70 complaints, while TVB received 2 more complaints. The majority of the complaints were centered around Netizens displeased that the series deepens the HK-China contradicting relationship, insulted HK people and negatively impacts the HK tourist industry. This time, TVB also received 9 praises from audience and asked them not to cut it!

Yesterday Wong Cho Lam expressed on Weibo, he feels his creative freedom is getting strangled: "When everyone was upset that HK TV series had no creativity and no nerve to write about real life events… what kills the TV series are these kinds of people!" Producer Wong Wai Sing expressed yesterday he got a call from a viewer, who frantically yelled at him for more than 10 minutes, "The caller said Hong Kong people aren't like that. But, with so many people scolding at the series, proves there are people watching! I won't delete scenes or cut the series because of this." TVB executive producer Tommy Leung was extremely satisfied with this series and plans to shoot a sequel: "We have received a lot of opinions, but the rating a few nights ago continue to be 30 points. I'm very satisfied with this result. If the series is getting such good response, we will make a sequel too! The slandering words are basically true, it's just the comedy series magnified it a little. (Producer Wong Wai Sing got an angry caller scolding him for 10 minutes!) I already called the police!"

In regards to the intention of making a sequel, Wong Cho Lam, who was part of the production team, felt emotional and praised Tommy's loyalty. "TVB had always been afraid of complaints, but this time they are so supportive and have so much faith in us! (What other ideas do you have for the sequel?) I haven't thought about it yet, actually I'm worried it's just a false alarm from the premiere. The series is 20 episodes long, we should at least way until the broadcast reaches to the middle of the series. I'll tell Tommy to wait it out first!" Wong Cho Lam also revealed he thought of the script while he was taking a shower. When asked whether he's afraid of offending people? He said: "I didn't make up anything. It's just like Hong Kong people are looking in the mirror, it's just exaggerated in the series."

Lead actress Joey Meng also hopes Netizens tone it down. She feels whether Mainlanders and HK people are still Chinese people. She hopes audience can be more forgiving: "A comedy series is often exaggerated, but later there will be other elements added to it. Give it some time! (What about a sequel?) Of course that's good!" In the series, HK people get very excited when they see someone with the Chinese yuan? Mimi Chu said: "Of course, I would react the same way! It is the truth. HK people are really on the hot-tempered side, they get upset no matter what!"


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