Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bosco Wong Spotted with Long-Haired Girl, Keeps Head Down

Last month Bosco Wong celebrated his 32nd birthday at work. Although rumored girlfriend Niki Chow was with him, he expressed he wanted money, not a girl. He said: "It's better making money, I want to buy a home faster." However, Bosco was photographed with a long-haired girl touring Shanghai. That day, the two appeared at a shopping mall in Shanghai and at zero distance from each other the entire time.

With a cap and "easy" to recognize glasses on, Bosco and the long-haired girl were together from shopping to eating. The two were chatting nonstop and Bosco even kept their girl smiling the whole time. They were riding the escalator standing side by side, although we are unsure of their relationship, Bosco was seen with his head down the entire time. It appears he's purposely trying to avoid being followed. Later when the two sat down for lunch, they were initially chatting away, but when Bosco discovered reporters were around, he was nervous and quicky kept his distance from the girl.

[Oriental Daily] contacted ex-girlfriend Myolie Wu about spotting Bosco with another girl in Shanghai, but Myolie expressed she will not comment. As for Bosco's good friends Linda Chung and Sharon Chan, they both expressed: "Bosco is handsome, has good character and a good guy, we don't have to introduce girls to him!"


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