Monday, January 28, 2013

Timmy Hung & Janet Chow's 7lb baby TJ Looks just like Grandfather Sammo Hung

Congrats! Yesterday afternoon, Timmy Hung and Janet Chow's baby boy "TJ" was born! TJ weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces at birth; Mother and son are safe and sound. Yesterday morning at 8:40am, Timmy drove his wife Janet, mother and mother-in-law to the hospital. Janet expressed she didn't feel nervous about giving birth. After Timmy got his wife settled in and did all the paperwork, he accepted an interview at around 10am. When asked if he'll cut his son's umbilical cord? He said: "Nicholas Tse said cutting the umbilical cord is really harsh, it feels like you're hurting the baby with your own hands. I was thinking about it and agreed to what he said, so I'm still deciding."

At 3pm, Timmy appeared once again for another interview. He announced the good news to the media, revealing Janet went into labor at 2pm. The baby was 7 pounds, 6 ounces. When asked if they chose a lucky time to deliver the baby? He said: "No, Janet and I are both Christians. Actually, our expected date was February 5th, but the baby's head was too big, so he was born earlier than expected." First time as a father, Timmy expressed he is not nervous, but because Janet couldn't sleep the previous night he didn't get any sleep either. Timmy disclosed when they were having dinner the previous night, Janet thought her water broke, but it was just a false alarm. He said: "Last night when we were having dinner, Janet suddenly said the baby is ready to come out, but nothing happened. Perhaps she was just hungry."

Because of Nicholas Tse's one comment about the bloody umbilical cord, Timmy decided not to help his son cut it and just allowed the doctor to do the honors. Timmy laughed: "The doctor said I couldn't cut it!" He frankly expressed once he heard TJ crying, he was so touched he wanted to cry. He said: "The tears were about to gush out, but I held it all in. It feels so magical, so moving. As soon as I heard the baby cry, it was so touching." Timmy expressed the baby looks a lot like his grandfather Sammo Hung. He said: "When I looked at the ultrasound before, I saw the baby had a 'big rod' (big genitals). At the time, Kevin Cheng teased me, he told me to watch out, I might get a black baby boy. But, my baby is as white as snow and very healthy. He has big hands and feet, and a powerful cry. He cries so loud, it sounds like in the zoo, the goose's call."

Last night, grandfather Sammo Hung and his wife Joyce Godenzi visited Janet at the hospital. When Sammo saw his little grandson looking exactly like himself, he was very excited. Sammo proudly said: "Of course, I'm so handsome! (Did you get to carry your little grandson?) It's the flu season now, I don't dare to act blindly without thinking, so I didn't get to carry him yet." When asked what kind of reward does he plan on giving his daughter-in-law? He expressed he is very grateful of Janet: "Thank you daughter-in-law. No need for a reward, it's enough that our family know she's great. The most important is a happy family living happily together."

Sammo expressed he is currently thinking of a name for his grandson. He said Timmy has his own ideas as well, so the father and son will have to engage in a war first. Whoever wins the battle will get to decide on the name. Then Sammo suddenly added: "Actually in life, it really doesn't matter. Play from childhood to adulthood, 60 years later, as long as we can still see each other. Honestly, I don't know who will go (die) first."

Angela Tong Waiting to See Baby's "Big Rod" for Herself

Good friends Angela Tong and Charmaine Sheh already knew about the good news from their group chat earlier. They also saw the baby pictures and expressed they were extremely happy for them. Charmaine said: "So happy! When Janet discharges from the hospital, I'll go to their house to visit them. (What are you buying for the baby?) I don't know yet, not sure of the baby's size. I saw the baby had two long lines from his closed eyes. His eyes are probably really big. Janet said the baby looks like her father-in-law." Timmy joked his son had a 'big rod', Angela was asked if she'll arrange a marriage for her unborn daughter and Timmy's son? She laughed: "I don't believe him! Haha! I don't believe Timmy, wait until I see for myself!"


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