Sunday, January 6, 2013

Raymond Lam Intended Retirement, Catherine Tsang Gets Steven Ma & Charmaine Sheh Back

The two TVB high executives Catherine Tsang and Virgina Lok each have their "favorites" competing in the 'one person per vote' TVB Awards earlier. In the end, Catherine Tsang's favorite Wayne Lai defeated Raymond Lam becoming the three time TV King winner. It was rumored because of this, Raymond Lam has intentions to leave the entertainment business and plus Virgina's other favorite Kevin Cheng is currently actively working in Mainland and has no interest in returning. Catherine is taking this opportunity to get her 'people' to come back to TVB, such as producers Tsui Ching Hong and Lee Yim Fong and artists Charmaine Sheh and Dayo Wong. Also part of Catherine's group of favorites, Steven Ma, left TVB last February due to disagreements with the artist department and asked to terminate his contract early. It was said once the contract ended, Catherine and another TVB executive Au Wai Lam immediately went out to try and convince Steven to sign a per-series contract. However, Steven was already participating in Mainland drama The Legend of the Yuan Founderer, so he had no choice but to decline. Last September, Catherine personally invited Steven back to shoot a 30 episode drama, but again there were conflict in his schedule.

Although Steven's contract is still in discussion, Catherine has already orally prepared him to participate in Producer Leung Choi Yuen's new series in May. To show her sincerity, she will personally discuss the contract terms with him. Yesterday Catherine admitted over the phone that Steven is making a comeback, "A year ago, I already asked him to come back!" As for Steven, he frankly expressed over the phone: "Catherine has been in touch with me all along, but at this moment, I cannot promise anything because there is still a lot more details that still haven't been discussed yet. After all, I probably won't have a definite answer before Lunar New Year."

Also, the new issue of Good News exposed TVB wanted to please Raymond Lam, therefore plan to cancel the JSG Music Awards 'one person per vote' system and just give Raymond both the Most Popular Male Singer and Asia-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer awards to him. Last night, Raymond was recording for a TVB program, he responded: "Something to do with me again? It sounds like I don't need to put any effort. (Do you have any confidence for another one person per vote?) I'm so miserable! Everything I do is wrong. When it's public voting, people say I have the most fans. (It was rumored you're renewing your contract for an award?) It's just what the media said!" When reporters mentioned the recent reports of ex-girlfriend Mavis Pan's new boyfriend, Raymond immediately kept his mouth shut.

Also, it was said Dayo Wong's TVB comeback series is going to be producer Tsui Ching Hong's new series War of Genders 2, but it was also rumored Tommy Leung won the battle and successfully got Dayo to participate in producer Man Wai Hung's Your Hired 2 in April. Producer Man expressed: "Nothing is confirmed yet. Dayo is a talented actor, of course I want to work with him again."


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