Sunday, January 6, 2013

Michael Miu Throws a Sweet Birthday Party for Jamie Chik on "201314"

Yesterday it was Jamie Chik's 50th birthday, her husband Michael Miu threw her a birthday party and invited many good friends from the industry - Nat Chan, Sammo Hung, Remus Choy, Joe Ma, Oscar Leung, Janet Chow, Nancy Wu and many more. Yesterday was coincidentally 201314 (Jan. 4th 2013), the day meaning "Love You Forever". Michael certainly made good arrangements for his wife! Michael revealed he wanted to throw his wife a surprise party, but unfortunately his friends leaked the secret one after another.

When speaking of the party's theme, Michael didn't just celebrate Jamie's birthday, but also their 22nd wedding anniversary. "This year, its the day of 1314 ("together forever") too, it's such a coincidence! Tonight, I still have a surprise for her." Michael doing so much for her, Jamie smiled sweetly: "It's so complete and precise. I know he made these arrangements with the kids too, very secretive! Sometimes he'll go out with the kids and leave me home alone. (What about your birthday wish!) I wish my whole family good health and also my friends, wish them good health and everything goes smoothly." Michael hoped for social harmony, less gossips in the entertainment circle. The guests asked Michael to give Jamie a birthday kiss, but he gave her several kisses.


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