Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cilla Lok: Jason Chan's a Long-Term Food Ticket

In TVB new series Missing You, Cilla Lok says goodbye to her frequent school girl roles. This time, she plays a member in an organization providing tracing services and has quite a bit of screen time. She smiled and said the filming progress was fun and enjoyable, mainly because she became like family with her co-stars Linda Chung, Jason Chan, Ram Chiang and Calvin Chan. They order delivery practically on a daily basis, just like a real office job. She greatly praised Jason's attentive nature, he contributes generously, "He buys us a lot of snacks, but he later thought it was too much 'heat' (熱氣), so he bought us fruits to eat. He even cut up the fruits and distributed to each of us. He is such a 'long-term food ticket', always treating us meals. Jason's like an extremely good person, he's a See Hing (big brother) both in and out of the series!"

When speaking of her "Sai Kit Ching" (Detergent) role, her personality is lively and headstrong; she bickers with her colleagues daily. Cilla portrayed Detergent well and has received a lot of positive feedback. However, she laughed and said in real life, as she gets older, she is becoming more and more gentle. Asked if she feels her role is similar to her previous series? Cilla was worried herself that people may have this set image on her, but for now she's just doing her own part, "Each time, it's an opportunity. They think I'm qualified for this type of role, then it's a type of certainty!" She reveals she's currently shooting new series Master . Understood, which is completely different from her previous roles, she said it's a great challenge, "It's a costume series and I have to fight. My role eventually commits suicide. Series with too many relationships are hard to handle."

Cilla always maintains a sweet smile, it turns out she had her down times in life too. Within a single month, both her paternal and maternal grandmother passes away. Although this caused a great impact on her, she was still professional and continued working. She sees this experience as part of her growth and she faced it positively. "During that period, I was emotionally confused and needed time to adjust, but this made me more mature." When asked of her New Year's wish, she wishes her family good health, that she could continue shooting TV series and get back into the music scene. When asked if she wants to start a new relationship? She said: "Yeah, I hope to have someone to comfort me when I'm feeling unhappy, but I don't have time to meet anyone and I don't have much mood."


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