Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oscar Leung's New Film Shows Buttocks and Plays "Foursome"

New film Heavy Flavor (重口味) held a blessing ceremony. The film is divided into three different stories on prostitution, gambling and drugs. The lead actors Oscar Leung and William Chan equally have daring scenes. Oscar has to reveal his buttock, while William will have to strip dance. The other cast includes, Christine Kuo, Dada Chan, Kelvin Kwan and Michelle Wai. Oscar and Christine Kuo are a pair in this film and will have kiss scenes. First time as the lead actress in a film, Christine gives her first time to Oscar. He said: "Christine gave me her first time in both television and film. Many people ask me if there are kiss scenes, I believe the director won't let us go. We'll probably have a superficial kiss."

Oscar warns in advance that there are more intense intimate scenes in this film than his other film Young and Dangerous Reloaded's threesome scene, but his partner won't be Christine. He said: "I have a few scenes that are pretty intense, there is one where I'm one man with three women. I will be revealing my nipples and butt crack, that I can accept. The director got me several different types of underwear to choose from. I eventually chose a rather tight and protruding pair of undies, but I don't need any padding, I have confidence in my body figure." Christine laughed and said: "I will definitely visit him on the set and see him do the revealing."

William plays a foolish young man, he said: "The story is about me trafficking drugs and taking drugs by mistake. It's an extreme comedy flick, I will have to strip dance too. If I had to take my pants off, I would wear another underwear underneath." William is currently shooting another film, where he plays a fire fighter, so he has to train to look bigger. Next month, he'll have to lose the weight again for his role in Heavy Flavor. "The director asked me to get thinner because I cannot fit into any of my costumes. Before shooting begins, I will have to lose 20 pounds. Time is tight, so I'll have to lose the weight as soon as possible."


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