Friday, January 4, 2013

Big Crook Ray Lui "blows up" Sheung Wan Scaring Bystanders

HK film The Storm starring Andy Lau has been shooting for nearly two months and the scenes are getting more and more dangerous and violent. Following Andy's car flipping scene in North Point earlier, yesterday there was a "manic" (Ray Lui) leading a gang to 'blow up' Sheung Wan. There were bullets and flames raging everywhere, similar to a war zone. Even if the bystanders knew its only filming, they were still frightened and covered their ears.

At the scene, the big bearded crook Ray Lui and the Special Duties Unit (SDU) were in a gun fight. Ray and his gang got out of their cars in masks and opened fire at the SDU, very fierce and powerful. There was smoke and raining bullets everywhere, even the action director Chin Ka Lok complained the gunshots were too loud and asked to tone it down.

After the intense gun fight, there was a car explosion scene that caused a very loud sound. Everyone at the scene covered their ears and coincidentally the nearby kindergarten classes were just dismissed from school. The children were very frightened as parents quickly covered their ears and left the location. Fortunately the filming progress went smoothly.

Ray said: "There is definitely danger in gun fight and explosion scenes. Because HK films are famous for explosions and large blasts, it won't be a good watch without some powerful scenes. This scene was done on a busy street, there were so many workers and neighbors around. I was really scared too, but fortunately the action director, Chin Ka Lok, was very professional and calculated everything accurately. The explosion scene only took 1 take to complete. We already got into our positions prior to cameras rolling, the positioning must be accurate, otherwise it could get very dangerous." He reveals he already rehearsed for this scene several days before for 4-5 hours.


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