Sunday, January 6, 2013

Elva Hsiao reveals hourglass figure in new MV

Dressed in a bustier and garter belt stocking, Taiwanese songstress Elva Hsiao revealed her sexy physique in her new MV "As Long As There Was Love".

Elva initially felt tense wearing the outfit in front of the production crew, but later overcame her fear by "hypnotizing" herself as a character in the French movies.

Besides performing modern dance moves on the bed, the singer also had a couple of intimate car scenes with the MV's male lead.

The 33-year-old had to sit on his thighs and lean close to his ears. She exclaimed at the end of the shoot, "This is so awkward!"

In addition, Elva's skirt almost got burnt when she had to burn a million-dollar car in one of her MV scenes.


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