Friday, January 4, 2013

Alice Chan's Role 'Sharon Rose-like' Sexiness Seduces Derek Kwok

Last year former ATV big sister signed a contract with TVB and participated in her first series Friendly Fire as a villain. This is Alice's first villain role, in the beginning Alice's acting wasn't as strong as one would wish. Her character name is "Pong Tit Sam", which can easily be connected to someone who has a heart of steel. Alice's personality in real life is exactly the opposite of her role, she said: "In reality, I don't really have much of a character and I'm easy-going. Comparing me to the words 'bad person' is like on two extremes, so I had to do a lot of homework prior to filming. On the surface, I have to show that I'm not really that evil, but in fact I'm so evil the juice comes out. I actually don't know how well I did in my acting, so will have to look to see how the audience reacts. I'll accept both positive and negative comments."

Alice also has several sexy scenes in the series. She has a chain of intimate kiss scenes with Derek Kwok, aside from the passionate kiss scene on the cruise in a bikini, Alice reveals there is another bold kiss scene in the bathroom. However, due to the limitations on television, that scene could not be broadcast. She said: "Actually, I never thought I could be sexy, but for work, I definitely have to accommodate. (Have to ask your husband?) He respects my job and understands that I'm a person who has propriety. So, he is not worried about me at all. One time when I was having dinner with my husband, we encountered Derek Kwok and I even told my husband that he's my boyfriend."

Alice's scenes won't be broadcasting until later, sometime in January, she laughed and said her first appearance would be pretty aggressive, "It's somewhat similar to Sharon Stone from the film Basic Instinct. She'll have a sexy image, but speaks in a calm manner!" Alice frankly expressed since she's a villain, she is ready to get scolded by audience. However, she is also grateful of Producer Man Wai Hung's appreciation: "That day, I went to TVB City just for a meeting, but once he saw me, he said the role really fits me and recommended TVB to sign me. I really have to thank him, for every scene, he personally came out to supervise the set." When asked if she's afraid the audience may have a set image on her for being villains? She said: "I hope my villain roles will give off different feelings and on different levels."


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