Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jessica Hsuan Wants Freedom, Not Signing TVB Contract, Declines 'Tiger Cubs 2'

Yesterday Jessica Hsuan and Elena Kong participated in the Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) Walkathon 2013 with their beloved dogs. Jessica frankly expressed she will not sign a contract with TVB and decided to turn down Tiger Cubs 2. The reason is because she and TVB were unable to come to an agreement on the contract terms, and she does not plan to sign a long contract with the company. When asked whether she feels its a pity that she gave up on the Tiger Cubs sequel? Jessica said: "Currently I'm all about following my fate, I rather choose freedom. As for if I will ever sign a long contract with a TV station, I will have to see the contract terms first. If one of the terms on the contract is I cannot go anywhere, then there is some difficulty there." Jessica stressed the recent rumor on the magazine reports is not true, she definitely did not disappear for 3 hours.

Elena Kong just completed shooting Triumph in the Skies II and won't start on her next series until April. She has time to guest star in a few films and was invited by DBC to do a singing performance again. "To me, I'm paid pretty well for singing again."


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