Sunday, January 27, 2013

Niki Chow's Taste Changes, Caucasian Handsome Man to Cure her Dryness

Since 33 year old Niki Chow's debut, she didn't have many rumors, just with Kevin Cheng, 'Textile Prince' (Eric) and most recently Bosco Wong. Earlier it was rumored Niki still had feelings for Kevin and hoped they'll get back together, but she ended up being hurt and in the past year, she didn't have any new love interests.

Niki said before, she enjoys her single life, but actually she's been longing to be in a relationship. A while back, she disclosed she asked Koni Lui's husband (Dickson Wong) to introduce guys to her. Recently, it was rumored Niki found a new love interest and the 'couple' frequently attends friend gatherings together. Last night, [Oriental Daily] spotted Niki all dressed up in Central to attend her good friend, designer Alan Chan's birthday party. That night, Sandra Ng and her husband, Annie Liu, Balia Chan and Yeo Tin Ming were at the party as well. It was understood, Niki was in a great mood and had a Caucasian handsome gentleman accompany her the entire night. It seems like after Niki saw her sister Kathy Chow and her French boyfriend tie the knot, her taste in men changed. At the party, Niki and the foreign gentleman seemed very familiar with one another and were enjoying their glasses of wine sweetly. The party ended at around 1am, Niki and Balia Chan were chatting nonstop as they walked out of the building, and the Caucasian male friend was such a gentleman, he stood besides Niki and waited patiently. When Balia's 7-seater van drove up, the Caucasian gentleman gave Balia a goodbye kiss, but Niki had 'no eyes to see' and looked away. Later, Niki and her Caucasian male friend had a slow romantic walk on the street and then stopped to wait for a taxi. The two chatted as they waited for a taxi to come and often made eye contact. Niki often gave her handsome friend a sweet smile, whereas he tried to hold her hand. However, Niki had a sharp eye and spotted reporters from a distance. She had a brief surprised look on her face, and then frowned that the reporters ruined her nice moment. After another few words with her friend, the two left separately. Niki quickly got into a taxi and left. The male friend watched her leave safely before he took off as well.

Earlier Bosco collaborated with Niki in TVB new series A Change of Heart and had rumors with her. Currently filming in Hengdian, Bosco generously congratulated Niki once he learned she has a new love interest. When asked if he feels relieved that he's finally 'set free'? Bosco laughed: "Don't say that, we were just rumored while working together... not a big deal!" When the two were working together, did they talk about relationships? Bosco exposed Niki's really dry and now that she found a new love interest, he feels happy for her. He said: "That time, she told reporters herself that she was really dry! It's great now, I'm happy for her! (Do you still keep in touch with her?) After we finished A Change of Heart, I had to go back to China for work, so I haven't been in touch with her!"


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