Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mary Hon Named "The Most Heartless Mother"

Recently, veteran actress Mary Hon's popularity has been on the rise. She is practically seen in every TVB series. The audience really have to have good eyes to be able to distinguish which series is which.

A Netizen posted screen captures of all the series in which Mary Hon has been a mother abandoning her children. She was named the "Most Heartless Mother" -- Sam Tong (Francis Ng) in Triumph in the Skies, Ken Ma (Joe Ma) in Vigilante Force, Tong Tong (Kate Tsui) in Speech of Silence, Yu Jai (Tavia Yeung) in The Hippocratic Crush, and the latest being See Hing (Jason Chan) in Missing You and Kam Bo Tei (Sammy Leung) in Friendly Fire.

[Excerpt from an article by Yang Cheng Evening News] In a Mainland interview, the reporter mentioned Mary has been acting for many years and portrayed so many different characters, sometimes the roles get repetitive. Mary was asked whether she had a time where she felt exhausted? She said: "I've been with TVB for so many years, and have tried every type of role, such as a drug user, a vegetable lady, a rich wife and other villain roles… of course there will be a bottleneck period. I would think, why am I portraying the same role over and over again? Is it because I can only portray one type of role? But even if the roles are the same, there are still differences. For example, a mother reuniting with her son. One mother is a judge, and the other mother is an Alzheimer's patient. The performance is definitely different. It is the artist's responsibility to let the audience see the differences in each role." The next question was whether Mary ever thought of leaving TVB? She said: "I'm getting older, so I place heavy emphasis on friendship/relationship. I've been with TVB for so many years and they have treated me well. Damian Lau greatly influenced me on this aspect, he said I grew up in TVB and when TVB is a crisis, I should stay in the battlefield and help them fight. This is very reasonable."


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