Monday, January 14, 2013

TVB Sends Out Ambassador Nancy Sit to Lecture at ATV's Acting Class

Yesterday TVB sent out their "ambassador" Nancy Sit to serve as one of the lecturers for ATV's Artistes Training Class. She was asked to share her acting experiences and this attracted nearly 50 reporters to witness this one-time rare event in history. ATV executives Kwong Hoi Ying and Yip Ka Bo led their 20 artists to welcome Nancy at the lobby of the ATV building. It was a big scene! TVB's camera crew for the program Scoop were also there to gather interviews.

The TVB mini bus drove Nancy and her three assistants to the ATV building, where she was welcomed by ATV executives. There was also a large banner that read "Welcome Back Nancy Sit to Lecture at ATV". Nancy often teased the students, "are you going to class every time?" and "Class at 10am is pretty early!" It was understood, TVB's only intention was to sent their ambassador Nancy out to help with the lecture, but ATV unexpectedly wrote the words "welcome back" on a large banner, which made TVB feel unhappy.


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