Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kristal Tin is Neither Jealous or on Bad Terms with Joey Meng

Last night, Linda Chung, Louis Cheung, Kristal Tin and Leanne Li attended TVB series Brother's Keepers end-of-filming dinner. This is Louis' second series after Inbound Troubles, and in March he'll be participating in new costume series Food for Slaves with the original cast. He plays the 'Eighth Royal Brother' and will be shaving his head.

It was said Linda withdrew from Food for Slaves? She explained she asked TVB to take two months off half a year ago, so she can spend some time with her family and educate herself more. Although Linda didn't go to Raymond Lam's concert, she still sent him a flower basket. When speaking of rumored girlfriend Karena Ng making a high-profile appearance at his concert, it was said their relationship has is now public? Linda said: "I didn't gossip about that. They denied the rumor, but if its real, I will congratulate them. They're a matching pair."

It was rumored Kristal Tin has been jealous that Joey Meng already got a leading role in her first TVB series, but she's been with TVB for 7 years and is still only a second or third string actress. Kristal said she will not respond to imaginary stories. Artists should not be divided into the so-called string actors, the most important is whether the role fits you. Kristal said she and Joey are not on bad terms, they both know what's going on. Also, she does not believe that there's a "TVB Party" trying to boycott the "ATV Party". They are all professional artists, why would they have such mentality? She joked she's actually part of the "To Party" (referring to husband Chapman To).


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